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Naturofinder is meant to be alive, always growing and adapting, with an everlasting gravity towards better health. Comprised of small inter-related sub sites, (which work like seeds or pods) the Naturofinder network acts like a mycelium across the web, distributing high quality information and content.

Purely focused on the natural side of things, our network serves specifically to educate Canadians in relationship to products available in a given area, or location. We will be deploying Naturofinder in stages, where the first stage is geared toward expanding with new content, and building new relationships with advertisers.


Here you can learn more about our specific goals and objectives. We are in our first stage of deployment now, so enrolment to enlist is only in its preliminary phases… The second objective will be discussed in further detail once our network is in full swing…


Here is where you can learn a little more of the ‘why’ behind the machine. We are bringing forward an interesting project that with the right support and timing, it could help to mutually reach a lot of people with what they are looking for…


We are looking for like minded business owners who want to expand there audience online from the standard direct mediums such as a website and social media. Get in contact with us if you’re interested in advertising on our network!

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